Friday, May 8

Day 1 Highlights

Here are some moments from Day 1 which in my opinion deserve as much attention as they can get:

The Bowies' reactions to the word "Bitch-ham" - Collective thought bubble: {Uh, what did he say? It sounded like "bitchum." I've never heard of that before. Could it be that they have invented a new pizza topping? Am I the only one who doesn't understand what bitchum is?}

Twi'leks at 58th!

MacPierce's origami dragon - Though I am no origami expert, I still must say that I was very impressed by MacPierce's Iron Oragamists. I have no idea how that the folded dragon, supporting its golden fan of flame, managed to remain balanced upright.

Blint's courageous and inspiring Scavgon wagon race - They were so far behind, and yet they had the heart to follow through and see the race through to the end, despite the fact that their wagon crumpled with a delightful crash immediately after crossing the finish line. Their enthusiastic example should be a lesson for us all.

Radio Broadcasts! (What a great item.)

CPD in the RC - Imagine my surprise when the Snitchcock radio broadcasters and myself were not allowed to leave the Reynolds' Club on the grounds that we were trespassing.
(Further apologies to the delegates from Snitchcock: We should have seen this coming and prevented it.)

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