Friday, May 8

Shoutouts from the halfway point

Hey there, folks. By my reckoning, we're at just about the 50% mark. Some shoutouts are in order:

- Unknown B-J teammember, who presented us with a hickey on the neck before her(his?) captain had left the room with the missing words 'hickey' and 'neck'.

- Tara Chandra of Snell-Hitchcock, who was searching the quads as early as 12:35am Thursday morning, and brought us a ribbon-wrapped safety pin at about 12:40am, in the (soon dashed) hopes it was the Scav Needle.

- GASH pioneers, who got something of a bum rap in the first wagon race, but had the good grace to deal with it and move on. As one Judge remarked, "I suppose if there's one team that we might expect to show their age in a good way, it'd be GASH"

- Snitchcock and FIST for mounting extremely impressive Gossip Scavvie campaigns. I don't have unlimited text messages, but my bill this month will be worth it.

- Max P's Bowie Captains, whose costumes have each been extremely well-realized.

- FIST for their pitch-perfect Moai Head.

- All my friends who Scav. Under pressure, facing challenges far beyond that which school or work throw at them, they reveal those traits that I admire most in them, and in those few grand Scav moments that we all have each Hunt, they surround themselves with a positive aura. So, to those I've seen so far: Cat, Alan, Dan, Joan, Evelyn, Max, John, Amber, Nikki, Erica, Sam, Pranks, Ramya, Gerbil, Meredith, Zach, Sarah, Ian, Grace, Richard, and more. And to rest of my Scavvie friends: I know you're out there!! Stop hiding in your HQs!

More on the origami later, as it deserves its own entry.

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