Thursday, May 7

List Release and Captain's Oddity

First of all, you are all awesome and we love you.

List release went better than we could have anticipated (even the projector breaking -- it's all part of the plan). We really enjoyed seeing your other assholes rolling across the Cloister Club, into a table, back across into the wall, and towards the door. We want to know -- did you fall for it? How did the list reading go (reading off of your captain's asses?).

The Bowies were stunning, especially with regards to facial makeup and package-display (why do you all have so many bodysuits at the ready?). We're also so pleased about the Road Trip costumes. You basically took what was in our imaginations and hearts and then put it onto your bodies and cars.

So that you know, the hickey winner was the Bee-JAY team. How did you guys figure out that we wanted a hickey (a girl on girl hickey at that) before your captain finished scrawling the list all over his legs (good choice with the Utilikilt, Kyle)? My favorite hickey, however, was delivered by the GASH. When you all spilled out clown-car style, I knew something great was about to happen. "Come on! I had to get it from a DUDE!" Awesome.

You may notice that this post is ridiculously effusive. This is because I could not be more excited. We're off to see Trackers now! We look forward to hearing more gossip scavvie gossip from you and seeing more of your excellence.

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