Thursday, May 7

Mischievious and Devious

Just to echo HJ Emily's comments, we were blown away by the force and rapidity of suction demonstrated by the Bee-J Team. While all the Captains were still hastily scribbling away on their persons, I was lurking behind the front door to Ida, ready to send any Scavvies searching for their leaders packing. So I see two BJ girls running up to the door, get myself ready to send them away, they let out a yelp and do a cartoony-skidding-in-place thing for a second as I say, "Shouldn't you be doing items right now?" They reply, "We already did", show the hickey--one of the biggest, reddest suckers you've ever seen, and shocked and amazed, I just wave them into the library. Picture to follow. And thus, the Bee-J Team takes an early lead in this year's Hunt.

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