Friday, May 8

Scavifest Destiney

Also, I thought Scavegon Trail got off to an awesome start, and I understand that some of you may have felt frustrated or defeated when your covered wagons broke down, but JUST IMAGINE HOW THOSE PIONEERS MUST HAVE FELT. That sort of thing happened to them ALL THE TIME. It is AUTHENTIC, and it is a necessary step along the long, dusty road to MANIFEST DESTINY.

Scavegon Trail was also not boring, as was originally predicted by Judge Tricky on the Judges' listhost, many months ago:

"Live Action Oregon Trail has one fatal flaw: whereas Battleship consists of hot Submarine Sinking action, Oregon Trail's gameplay consists solely of 'Waiting around and hoping no one gets cholera.'

In other words, it's pretty much every Hunt ever."

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