Thursday, May 7

Day 1 thus far

I am sitting here, listening to judges Tricky and Christian list every single possible cold-based Megaman villain and thinking about how excellent today was. It was so marvelous to see Scavegon Trail get off the ground and then onto the ground again as wagons ground to a grinding ground halt. All of the teams had a remarkable showing, and we admired all of your spunk and vim and vigor and whatnot. It was like we were back in olden tymes, especially when Scaveneers died of air-bear mauling and ill-advised river fording. Judge Ben would like to comment that some of you will perhaps benefit from this being our last wheel-based race, and I would like to comment that some of you will be in real trouble once you have to caulk that wagon. It's going to be a long road to the New Dorm, and we can't wait to see you all at hunting and berry-picking tomorrow.

Iron Origamist was very impressive and also involved all kinds of obscene penis folding which I found remarkably humorous. We also really enjoyed the first radio show -- great work on the slide whistle, Shoreland!

Gossip Scavvie has been tittilating us to no end -- please keep it up but note that we don't actually want to work for these texts so do not ask us to sign up for your twitter feed because I do not understand this hippity-hop-jetpack technology and just want your juicy details to be sent to my eyeholes without my input. That said, the texts we have been receiving have been delightful and we have been having a grand old time insulting each other via anonymous Gossip Scavvie texts.

Speed Dating was also a hoot and a holler. As Judge Chris noticed, it seems that when Scavvies are given the decision between racing and talking to others, racing will always win out. It was a hilarious time and we really enjoyed that everyone seemed to think that everyone else was from Blint.

Okay we're about to leave for diner challenge. We'll be seeing you and your mysterious giant heads appearing out of the fog at 5:00am!

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