Friday, May 8

Easter Island Heads

Ohhhh my god. SO cool. I have a three-way tie for favorites. The first is the most easter-islandy one (closest to you on the right as you're approaching Cobb). When I look at it, it is basically like I am on that frigging island suffused in mysticism and fog. My second favorite is the one that seems to be composed entirely of steamer trunks (on your left as you approach Cobb, probably 2nd to last) because it is like a steampunk interpretation of the theme and also has a great gaping mouth thing going on. My third favorite is the giant Chairman Mao, because it surprised me delightfully and I giggled out loud thus startling various passers-by. You should all know that even at 8:00 in the morning, people were gathering around the heads and pondering the mysteries of the civilizations responsible for their construction. That's right -- you guys are like ancient extinct cultures. How cool is that?

Let's talk about the diner challenge last night. First of all, an excellent opportunity to get out of Hyde Park and do some raucous car-dancing to 'Single Ladies' with Judges Jim, Leila, and Ben Umans (we like to rock the party, in case you haven't heard). Secondly, I was really impressed with the breadth of the diner lingo knowledge demonstrated by all of the participating teams, and with the exquisite control and focus of the BeeJAY team member who managed to extract that damn stuffed witch from the skill crane. How did you do that? It is a miracle.  

Dudes, I am so excited for campout. Team Judge has been planning our skit and it is going to be marvelous. I can't wait to see the histories of your teams and I am really excited about Chubby Bunny Spelling Bee. Oh yes. Make sure to bring lots of people to Capture the Flag -- the more gigantic it is, the more fun we'll have!

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